Sekadar berkongsi dgn kawan2 semua
artikel nie yan baca dr blog kegemaran Yan Isu Hangat
pasal laptop, pda dan hp agar tdk di tinggalkan dlm kereta
cuba baca kat bwh nie:-

Dont leave your laptop, pda, handphone in your car… even in shut down mode. The detector detect the battery, not the gadget. No wonder the laptop thief know which vehicle to break in….

From the EE/RF experts:

The detector detects battery in the laptop which is still active even laptop is in off mode. Usually battery has internal clock that clock up battery fuel gauge IC. This clock generate RF signal which can be picked up by the detector.

Laptop detector does really exist. For those who have never heard of it, here are the pictures of the detector:

(spectum analyzer)
Even the wifi, bluetooth or the entire notebook is completely off, it can still be detected via radio frequency, so never leave your laptop, pda, handphone …in the car because PEOPLE KNOW.

These devices are not expensive, it costs less than RM50 for the thieves to start the “business”.

Psst!!!…huhuhu..sblm2 nie selalu tinggal lappy dlm keta
pasnie xleh buat camnie dah..kena selalu beringat
kena usung aje lah kemana pun pergi
see alat tu pun sgt2 murah…
so pada kawa2 semua berigat yea..

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