Comment Box Intense Debate – membantu menaikkan trafik blog korang

Q6768XQWK9PG – korang abaikan je yea…hehee…

Salam buat semua

hari nie nak share lagik satu benda…ehehe
comment box Intense Debate seperti yg korang tgk kt ruangan komen blog nie
ruangan komen dr blogger Yan dh offkan terus
tp korang jgn risau..komen2 korang yg dulu tu ada
cuma yan tak import ke Intense Debate aje
 Ekceli dh lama berkenan nk guna Commentluv
tp Commentluv mmg x support blogger time tu
cuma blog wp aje yg blh
so hasil mengugel…yan jumpa pasal comment box Intense Debate nie
apa lagik sgt teruja guna coz siap dgn mcm2 plugin
dan antaranya Commentluv….wa…suke..suka…ekeke
See…sgt cantek kan..teratur gitu *sedap je mata memandang*
bahkan tuan pnya blog blh reply terus kt bwh komen tu
meh tgk apa istimewanya comment box intense debate nie…

1. Reply-By-Email
Respond to and moderate comments with ease via email, even if you’re on the go. Just because you’re away from your computer does not mean the conversation stops.

2. Email Notifications
Commenters receive email alerts when a response to their comment is posted, linking them directly to the response. Add in reply-by-email, along with the option to subscribe to all comments and let the debate ensue!

3. Reputation Points & Comment Voting
Your readers will start to build their reputations commenter IntenseDebate when they create an account. Their reputation score is based on the quantity, and more importantly the quality, of the comments they’ve made across all sites with IntenseDebate. Bring the quality comments to the Forefront.

4. Twitter
Give your commenters the option to send a simultaneous tweet when they post a comment. It’s a great way to let your commenters spread the word about your site and drive new traffic and comments!

5. Widgets
We’ve built some fancy widgets based on your feedback. You can display your blog’s comment stats, the most recent comments made on your blog, your most popular posts, the most recent comments you’ve made, and even who the top IntenseDebaters are.

eh…bnyk lglah..klu nk citer mmg berjela2…hehe
lagik senang korang usha terus ke SINI

Pstttt!!! agak2 pasni klu ada yg dengki ke spam2 komen ke…blh terus band je..haha
yg tu mmg Yan sgt suke….kuikuikui…

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