CloudFlare Integration: FREE for ALL SERVERFREAK Shared Hosting Account

At Serverfreak, we always strive to keep finding ways to ensure that our customer’s websites are served at the fastest speed possible. Recently Serverfreak has officially partnered with CloudFlare, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service that makes any website faster, safer and smarter.

What’s more interesting is that we are offering CloudFlare service FREE to all Serverfreak shared hosting customers! That’s not all we have done for our customers, we have even make activation of CloudFlare simple, customers would only need ONE CLICK activation of CloudFlare service through their cPanel account .

CloudFlare activation

Once your domain is CloudFlare enabled, CloudFlare re-routes your sites’ traffic through its global network; filtering out threats and caching contents. This saves your bandwidth & resources while speeding up your website load times.

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